Revive the burst photo series from your iOS photo library: create short and entertaining animated Gifs and share them with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other service.

Burst2Gif APP Store

  • Burst2Gif displays a list of your burst photos
  • Choose the frame rate and image size
  • Trim your animation sequence
  • Add top/bottom text to create memes
  • Copy, Save or Share an animation
  • Publish to the web and share the link


There are no burst photos on my device.

First of all create burst photo series with the built in Camera APP, then convert them with Burst2Gif.

How can I compress the generated animations?

Animated Gifs are generally not well compressed and hence not very well suited for longer animations. All you can do is either reduce the number of frames per second or the final screen dimensions.

How can I publish my Gif?

You'll find the 'Publish' feature in the Share sheet (maybe at the end).

Which devices and iOS versions are kompatible with Burst2Gif?

Burst2Gif supports all devices which support iOS 8.

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